Hello, welcome to my blog. I feel that I am basically writing this to myself because, to be honest, I dont think anyone will read this for a while. I basically play 3 mains, with Shodaran being the baby of the bunch. Xavieria is a typical red-headed mage that can be both a fire-breather and a whiny butt. Darkmystic is my cool calm holy/disc priest. Shodaran is my goofy and opinionated prot/ret pally.

As you can see, my personality is multi-faceted, therefore my gaming is as well. My mood for the day generally dictates which character I will be on. It’s not a pretty sight when I’m in a Xav mood and forced to heal. Likewise as bad to be in a Sho-time mood and am asked to range dps, hahaha that one does get funny.

Anyhow, thats about it for my first attempt at blogging, maybe by the time I have actual readers my writing will have improved.

Oh yea, as far as my blogs title. Shodarans Law is similar to murphys law, simply add the word stupid. Anything Stupid that can happen in WoW, WILL happen to Shodaran.