Phaygotten – Level 48 (ATM) Nelf Rogue, is my newest project. I go through periods of dissatisfaction with my 80’s and create a new alt. That is how Shodaran came to be, and now its time for a rogue.

I chose a rogue with input from my guildies. Prior to designating Phay as my next 80 I was leveling him and a druid. Looking at our guild roster you will see that everyone and their mother has a level 80 druid in our guild. Our raid leader (who plays a rogue) suggested that I declare Phay as my main alt because we dont have that many rogues and only one that raids. We used to have 2, but one found God and became a priest for raiding when we lost a healer.

I am really digging the rogue right now, and if I keep my usual pattern, I wont play my other characters much while leveling him. I become obsessed to some extent when leveling a new character. I lower my head and grind baby grind, until I look up one day and realize I’m level 80.

My only reservations about doing the leveling deal all over again is that Shodaran is not raid geared yet. This in itself puts me in a tizzy, I keep telling myself I should be gearing the pally first before any new projects, but alas I cant help myself now. I’m hooked.

I’m thinking, at least while leveling, That pickpocket is the coolest thing in the game. I love getting the extra goodies that other people cant get. I’m combat so I don’t do a lot of stealthing in a dungeon, but when I solo, I’m getting those goodies.

I still plan on leveling the druid eventually as well. I really like being a kitteh, but for now all my BoA gear is on Phaygotten. The 20% extra on quest and murdering monsters almost feels like cheating, but hey, if you aint cheating you aint trying to win right?