Here it is raid night and I’m otherwise obligated. My life has been really screwy lately and my raid team, I’m afraid, have felt it too. We are so close to actually reaching the end and I want to be a part of that so bad, but Real lifes RNG sux as bad as Blizz’s does.

The team venture in tonight stocked with excellent players and I’m sure they will clear at least 8/12, leaving a good night tomorrow night. My only hopes now is there is a spot for me then.

We have a saying in PF, “Real life Trumps all”, but sometimes I wish real life would behave. It sucks to have the “want to” and the time for raids, yet get dealt an unavoidable slap.

Enough whining I say, and I will share some Screenshot goodness from last week. I raided the first night and right as we were to start night two is when real life said “Oh Hell No”.

Hiya RotPuss

Getting ready to free the dream, this is when I bailed

Fighting BQL

Meh, we punked her

More BQL

The Professor

The Cullens

RotPuss down

Putricide down

Hiya Bitch!

I guess thats enough for now. Maybe this is our week that RNG doesnt shove it too us full force. Stay tuned for More!!