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The end of expansion slump

Yep, I’m feeling it more than ever before. I dont remember feeling this way waiting on any of the prior expansions. I’m having a really hard time enjoying the game right now, so therefore I havent had much to write about.
I log on everyday to do some dailies and maybe a heroic, but all but the ICC 5 mans are horribly boring to me now.
The only reason I run those is because I’m hardheaded and determined to get a battered hilt. I’ve only seen it drop once, I fail rolled a 23 for it.
I will be raiding hopefully this upcoming week, maybe that will return some fire, but if not I will just continue to muddle along, being only mildly interested in what I’m doing.
I will try to find something I’m passionate about so I can write a better post for you, maybe something will happen in ICC worth writing about (like a lich king kill, *fingers crossed*)
Til then, my friends, later.


Trade chat is, by and large, the bane of my existence. For the most part I ignore it until I’m trolling for an end of the week raid of some sorts that all my guild-mates are locked from. You see, on my server the LFG channel is basically nonexistent, so all LFM is going through trade. There has been a pattern showing up lately that really pisses me off. First I’ll give an example then I’ll bitch.

Example 1: [2:Trade]{Douchebag} LFM for TotGC 10, must know fights and have Ach. Pst with class and GS.

There are a couple of things that piss me off about this. Right off the bat, I asked for his Ach, which he didn’t have. Sooooo, you dont have the ach, yet its a requirement for entering your Raid?? This fella wants to be carried to glory, fuck off asshole, pst ME when you get the ach so I can laugh at you.

Example 2: [2:Trade]{Assmunch} LFM for ICC10 weekly, Must have 5k GS.

ROFLMFAO, WTF?? 5k GS using what method, dickcheese? And by the way, WTF is your GS? I just about bet 100 gold its not 5k or you just got to 5k so Thats your new raid benchmark.

People please try not to be so fucking retarded. It really is hard after a days work to tolerate your ignorance. After the minimum for entrance into a raid instance, GS is good for one thing, to make ignorant wannabee raiders drool. Thats it, period. Like the AssTard in example one, He probably has his ach now but still cant play his character because that first class ride he had through TotGC didnt teach him a damn thing.

The guy in example 2 is no better, the ICC10 weekly raid that he refers to is Marrowgar. 5fuckinK GS for marrowgar? Go away peckerhead and come back when….never mind, dont ever come back, kthnx.

I believe the game was actually safer from DumbAsses before addons like recount and gearscore became the norm. I can remember when you had no idea how much DPS you were doing, all you knew was that the boss was down to 18% health that last try so “Lets step it up some guys”. You raced an enrage timer, not the Hunter or the Rogue in the raid.

The majority of people on my server that are not involved in Guild raids appear to be lazy. They dont want to read raid strats and actually be useful to someones raid, they want to be carried through the raid for easy Ach.’s and Kewl lewtz. That fine if you want to SUCK your whole life Mr. CrotchSmooch, just stay out of trade. Use your friends list to find victims, ohhhhh thats right, no one you have tricked into a run with you wants to go back because YOU SUCK!!

I guess some people will never get it. Some people will never function properly in any form of social environment even if it is a virtual one.

Recently a guildie posted a blog about our guild, she discussed how we have a guild name given to us for various reasons by our guildmates. Recently I was awarded the dubious title of “The Magpie”.

Apparently a Magpie is this really silly bird that gets into shiny things, stealing them, hoarding them and admiring them.

So, Xav, how did you come to be known as the Magpie? I figured you would ask, you nosy critters.

We were doing our weekly night one farm punking of ICC and had just killed them damn vampire triplets. Lo and behold, Wand of Ruby Claret dropped and I quickly said gimme gimme gimme. I received said item because I was by far the most deserving (yea right! I think I was the only person that could use it.). After my loots was given to me and it had been equipped, we take off up the ramp towards BQL’s trash. I have my character screen up admiring the stats on my new arsenal of awesomeness and mistakenly run right past where everyone else is staged to regroup and fight trash. By the time i hear the raid leader screaming my name, I am smack dab in the middle of the trash. Instead of taking one for the team and just eating a face melting, I make the decision that we can win this and I drag the whole lot of them filthy bastards back to the rest of the raid.

There are people rebuffing, sitting on the ground eating, and I believe some were even on a bio break. A wipe obviously occurred as no one was ready for a pull. When my raid leader asked why had I decided to commit raidicide, all I could say was that I was looking at my new Shiny. Fortunately, I raid with a great group of people with equally great senses of humor, but out of that emerged “The Magpie”

And now you know “The rest of the story”.