My name is Darron and I havent been playing WoW as long as some of my friends. I’m 44 y/o and work offshore in the Gulf of Mexico 2 weeks on/ 2 weeks off. It was onboard one of these rigs that I first was exposed to WoW.

There were 3 guys on the rig that played, back then our internet on the rig was stable enough to stay online. I watched and listened to them for months before I made the plunge, when I did, it was a head first dive. I actually started playing maybe 6-8 months before the Wrath release, so I’m still a noob.

Outside of Wow, I live in Central Mississippi (Gods country) with my Beautiful wife (who cant understand my fascination with a “Game”) and my 3 kids. Well actually 2 kids, I have 1 that is in her first year at USM. I also share residence with a black lab (Jake), a chihuahua ( poo-bear), and a demon cat (sassy).

I started the blog telling myself it was for my enjoyment, but I find myself quite thrilled if someone has visited my page. Perhaps as I slowly replace the rust on my writing skills with polish, others will enjoy them.