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Shodaran: Is it my turn yet? Can I go now?

Darkmystic: Please, by all means enlighten us, if you must. Your wealth of knowledge and experience on the subject should provide us with insult fodder for quite awhile.

Shodaran: Huh?

Xavieria: /facepalm

To be honest, I haven’t been playing a pally long enough to do anything but copy and paste the cataclysm changes. I’m not going to do that as there are many great blogs out there with great insight into how the changes affect the class. Two of my favorites are linked here:

So, however you like to receive your info, be it humorous or serious and insightful, there’s your fix.

What I can tell you is why I enjoy Shodaran. It has been said several times that a paladin is easy to play but difficult to master. I truly enjoy facerolling DPS good enough to enjoy heroics. In todays WoW society where Gear Score is king, without decent numbers, its hard to get a group to stay together.

It’s a catch-22, to get better gear ergo better gear score, you have to run heroics for badgers. If you show up for a random heroic in quest gear and on first pull do a whopping 1100 dps, guess what? That’s right, either you get booted or the whole group disintergrates.

As a ret pally, I can faceroll the numbers to stay in group, plus I get the experience I need to progress to harder content when my gear allows. The only other class that can do that, in my opinion, is a DK.

My only hope is that my skill level with this class is up to par by the time Cata is released so that I may adapt to the changes.


Flinging plague barrels

PVP is some hard shit. I am on a RP server so my characters didn’t grow up under constant threat of being gang-raped. But, alas, I get bored from time to time and decide to jump in a Wintergrasp Battle. After all, we have like a gazillion people there,so whats the odds of me being identified by the enemy as the noob, right? Well the odds are obviously pretty good.

I will begin this with a quote about the WG battle from one of my guildies. In regards to WG..”I just drive around in a catapult and fling plague barrels like crazy”. Bah, that sounded like something for squishies, I’m a Pally and I’m leet.

My pally hits level 80, I’m in Ret spec, geared with a couple t9 epics from daily badgers as I was leveling, the rest is quest rewards and drops. I decide I’m gonna go show the horde whos boss, so I pop in WG queue. Im standing in the courtyard at WG and..DING! fight has begun. Now, at this point I should have followed the crowd but, I decide im going to go it alone. So I’m skipping along and spot an undead rogue all alone and seemingly vulnerable.

I decide to sneak up on him and pwn my first opponent. Now think about what I just said, I’m going to “sneak” up on an enemy player in WG. Sneaking didn’t work, so I strike a pose that says..”Hello you filthy Horde Rogue, I am here to slay thee!” At this point he commences to whoopin my ass. He’s jumping and twisting and running around so much I wanted to yell “TIME-OUT”. By the time I get my wits about me and start jumping (obviously a skill that has to be learned), he has given me an ass whoopin that will go down in the Hordes history books. /pout

Now, not to be discouraged by one little defeat, I decide to find something other than a rogue, because obviously a rogue is the superior class in PVP, right? I find me a Belf Pally that appears to be afk or lagging and think “Yessss, easy pickins”. It also makes sense to me that pally against pally would be an even contest. So, I haul ass and dismount right in front of him. Then I strike my pose that screams “Hello, you filthy horde pally, I am here to best you on the field of batt…” WAIT…oh shit, oh shit…..DAMMIT..*release spirit*../pout

I now drive around in a catapult flinging plague barrels like crazy.