Xavieria: What the Hell are you doing ShoDORKan?

Shodaran: I’m whoopin this practice dummies ass to build up my Unarmed skill, I want the Knuckle Sammich Achievement.

Xavieria: Ahhhh…Lemme know how that works out for you…*giggle*

Yes friends, I actually did this once upon a time with one of my first characters. Had it not been for a very nice passer-by, I may still be there skull thumping that dummy. This is how it went down, I decided that the best and easiest way to build my unarmed skill up was to do what we just discussed. I was about level 30 or so and right in the middle of a flurry Sugar Ray Leonard would have smiled at, I get a whisper.

Nice 70 palladin: Ummmm…What are you doing?

Me: I’m building my unarmed skill up *thinking Duh, what does it look like*

Nice 70 palladin: I don’t think that works, I think you may have to hit actual mobs.

Me: Really? Are you sure? Damn!

Nice 70 Palladin: You get an “A” for effort though, Bye.

As he rode off, I wondered what his guild chat was like at that moment and if I may as well delete this character now to save myself the embarrassment of ever seeing him again.