This week’s shared topic at Blog Azeroth is about your favorite and least favorite cities.

My favorite is Dalaran. I’m a lazy person at heart and the pure convenience that Dalaran provides is unequaled. I can log on some times and never leave the city, just get involved with trade chat or pick up items needed the next time I venture out.

My favorite capital city to visit is Exodar via a portal in Dal. I used to hate this place, but it really shines now for a quick run to the Auction house because there is no one there. Exodar is like a ghost town on my server, so easy in- easy out. Just make sure your hearth is ready or you’re going to spend a long time on boats to get back to Northrend.

My least favorite place to mistakenly happen through is Goldshire. There are always a gazillion people there dueling and just generally getting in the way. I can’t even ride through without someone popping a duel request on me, and believe me, I suck at duels.

Honorable mentions in the favorite Category would be:

–         Honor Hold ( wonderful quest hub to get you started in Outland)

–         Valliance Keep ( again, a nice starter quest hub)

Dishonorable Mentions go to:

–         Shattrah ( even before WotLk, I hated trying to navigate lower city)

–         Lights Hope, EP ( Huge quest hub, but I hated the plagueland quest)

I’m sure there are others that could be added but these are my most (and least) Favorites, which is the topic anyway.