I need help from my readers, all 3 of you. How do I make gold in game. I for the life of me cannot accumulate any gold. I don’t spend a lot really, but I cant seem to make any. I know I know, dailies. Ugh, they are so boring. What makes it more baffling to me is :

1-    I have a main that has 450 tailoring/Enchanting

2-    I have 2 450 miners

3-    I have a 450 skinner

4-    I have a 450 jewelcrafter

5-    I have a 450 herb/alchemist

I should be rolling in the money, right? I’m doing something wrong. I see guys all the time in screenshots ( you know the ones with their gold in the fubar bar), that have more gold than Midas, yet I’m lucky to have 300-400 gold between all characters at any given time.

Is farming my best route? I need help because I’m sick of being broke. I ran out of flasks last night in ICC on a progression night no less, and was ashamed to tell anyone. I finished the night on guru’s elixir and was out of them on the last attempt.

Does anyone wanna be my money manager? I sure need one. Does anyone else have the same problem I have?  What have you done on your realm that worked for you?

Ugh!! I blame the Murlocs (universal health care supporters)