As I prepare for Tonight’s start to our weekly journey into ICC, I cant help but wonder if this will be anotherĀ  night of Xav being a grease spot on the floor. Last week it was almost a running joke that, if Xav didnt die then we did something wrong.

I have a tendency at times to run the wrong direction when the raid leader yells Run!! Or I’m completely out of position when something bad happens. I pay attention, during commercial breaks from America Idol. I also see the bad stuff on the floor, after my RL Yells at me for standing in the goo.

Its fun though, and although we are there for progression, its still funny at times when I have discovered a new way to die. My guildies all have great senses of humor, and no one really gets uptight about my obvious lack of skill compared to theirs. Thats what its all about anyway, having fun. I dont think I would be happy in a raid group that treated the game like a second job. They bring me along as their token sacrifice, and they like my mana cookies, but thats okay, I’m pefectly happy with the arrangement and the people I raid with.

If any of you ever slip into Cenarion Circle / Alliance, Look us up. We are Phoenix Foundation, Progressive Raiders without the Hardcore mentality.