Heh, this should be a fairly easy topic considering my fledgling blog is brand spankin’ shiny new. Comments are not going to be much of an issue for a while. With that being said, comments will affect my writing at times and others not, it all depends on my mood when I write.

If, for example, I’m in my pissed off or brooding Xav mood, my post might be an R-rated flaming of a particular comment. If I’m in my chilled out Darkmystic mood, all comments will be triaged according to value and will motivate me if its worthy. If it’s Sho-Time, who the fuck knows what will happen.

On the flipside, I dont comment on other blogs, I should but I dont. There are some i really look forward to reading and I suppose I should tell the authors that from time to time.*nods* will do that today.