I sat and stared at this topic for a long time, not knowing what I wanted to write. I knew I didn’t want to write a guide, and quite frankly, I’ve created and deleted so many alts after they were level 14-17, level 1-10 is simple and mind-numbing.

I decided to share with you my very First level 1-10 experience. This is my first and only MMORPG to ever play. I was a year into play before I knew what MMORPG stood for, and the way I found out was embarrassing. I was in GameStop purchasing the BC expansion and the salesman asked how much I was enjoying playing a MMORPG, I replied quite smugly “I don’t play MMORPG, I play WoW.” Thank you Mister GameStop dude for not having a heart attack as you laughed at me, your face was turning purple, and to be honest I’m a little rusty on my CPR skills.

So, I roll a Nelf Warrior, because I think that a warrior would represent all that is good in My personality, right? Plus, one of the guys that got me to play has a warrior and it sounds cool. As a side note here, the guys that got me into the game had made an agreement with each other to let me flail along without help for awhile, after all, they did it without any help.

The opening screen comes up and my first thought is “this doesn’t look like what I’ve been seeing on their screens, I must be in the wrong place.” I find out before I go any further that this is my “starting zone.” So, I log back in and look around, “Oh look, theres a guy with an exclamation point over his head, lets go see whats up.” After 20 minutes of running through him, jumping around him, and clicking the few buttons I have on screen, I accidentally hit right click *AHA!!* Now we’re cooking with grease. After reading the quest text 20 times, I accept and notice a few others around, so I go and read their quest text 20 times each and accept each (even though I didn’t like the sound of one).

Ok, now I’m a good hour into this and havent done anything, but I also don’t realize that I’ve been staring at my screen for an hour, seems like I just sat down.

I begin questing, or I should say I begin killing. I kill everything in sight not exactly sure how this whole quest thing works, sometimes I’m getting credit towards a quest, other times I’m not. I pull up the quest log and reread all the quest, ok gotcha, now I have a plan. On the very next kill I ding level 2 and have no idea what just happened. This big flash of light hits me and I just know I’m dead. Hmmm, nothing happened, ok more killing. I kill the wolves and run back to turn it in, first one done. The very next quest I turn in I get hit by that big beam of light again, this is starting to concern me. At this point I figure out I can scroll back the text in my chat box and with this discovery I’m able to finally solve the mystery of the random light explosion on my character.

I enjoy similar struggles for another level or 2, then its time to expand my horizons and move into the next area. It took me awhile to figure out that if you stay on the road traveling your survival rate increases dramatically. This is where I’m first exposed to rested xp. I run up the ramp into the inn and all of a sudden there are z’s where my level is supposed to be, this cant be good. If my character is sleep walking he will die quickly in this very hostile environment, but I am greatly relieved that when I run back out, he wakes up *whew*. Another side note- I am well into my 20’s before I figure out rest=good.

At this point, I’m about 3 days into the game, yep 3 days, sad I know. Up to this point I have been in wisp form more than in regular form. I am a monstrous level 6 at this time and I still don’t realize that most of these NPC’s standing around can help me in one way or another, the only ones I’ve talked to are the vendors to empty my one bag. I continue to ignore them, I don’t need no stinking tradeskills.

I do notice that heroic strike isn’t packing the oomph! that it used to and that’s beginning to concern me as well, but I’m able to struggle through 2 days of questing to get to level 9 and get sent to Darnassus.

Darnassus, it must be a wondrous place and I should receive a heroes welcome after all of my accomplishments. As I approach the city, the first thing that comes into sight is that big-ass tree looking guy and he scares the bejeesus out of me. I spend at least 15 minutes trying to skirt the area to get in the city without him melting my face. It’s a few trips later that I discover he’s a good guy since he has a exclamation point over his head.

As I come up the steps the first NPC that I scroll across ( yep, I finally figured out by scrolling over an NPC, it tells you who they are) is a WHAT? A WARRIOR TRAINER? WTF!! You mean I can receive training to become more awesome? So, I click on him and am delighted. OMG…it must be Christmas, look at all that cool stuff..Wait.. I have to pay for it? But I spent all my money on weapons and armor from the vendor, and of course I had to buy food and water. That’s right sports fans, I bought water, gotta keep that mana level up (whatever mana is). But wait, My bag is full, so I go sell everything and come back only to discover I cant get everything.

I eventually discover various websites ( who’da thunk? websites about a game, what will they think of next?) these websites, along with actually reading the manual that came with WoW, finally set me upon the right path. This toon has been long gone as I moved on to bigger and better ones, but the pain of struggling through those first 10 levels is forever etched in my mind.