Yep, I’m feeling it more than ever before. I dont remember feeling this way waiting on any of the prior expansions. I’m having a really hard time enjoying the game right now, so therefore I havent had much to write about.
I log on everyday to do some dailies and maybe a heroic, but all but the ICC 5 mans are horribly boring to me now.
The only reason I run those is because I’m hardheaded and determined to get a battered hilt. I’ve only seen it drop once, I fail rolled a 23 for it.
I will be raiding hopefully this upcoming week, maybe that will return some fire, but if not I will just continue to muddle along, being only mildly interested in what I’m doing.
I will try to find something I’m passionate about so I can write a better post for you, maybe something will happen in ICC worth writing about (like a lich king kill, *fingers crossed*)
Til then, my friends, later.